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The story of A.P.C. lies inherently in the A.P.C. quilts themselves. Each quilt employs the surplus fabrics of A.P.C. garments of a season otherwise forgotten. When Jean Touitou had the idea of re-appropriating fabrics in this way he turned to long time collaborator Jessica Ogden to design them. In the 10th round of limited edition quilts Jean Touitou named each style henceforth: Pécs, Keynes, Montefiore, Hegel, Prince, Tawny, Dizengoff, R2D2, Scott, Johnny, Trip and Nîmes. Why such or such got the name Hegel, Trip or R2D2 one could barely say. It is perhaps befitting that the cryptic nature of quilts with their hidden semiology should remain cryptic by name as well. The quilts were shot in County Mayo, Ireland.

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